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Mental Health in Sports

PINDAB is proud to offer mental health support services for student athletes.

The pressures of the sports season and schedules, partnered with academic, social, and financial pressures can potentially create challenging circumstances for a student athlete.

Student athletes are having a difficult time managing their emotional and mental health in addition to their various pressures and priorities.

PINDAB is aware that student athletes may not have access or the knowledge of the outlets available to face these challenges.

In partnership with The Carion Fenn Foundation, a registered psychotherapist, and industry professionals,
PINDAB Sports is providing mental health support to student athletes through counselling and/or other appropriate solutions.

All proceeds donated will be allocated to our new initiative:

Mental Health in Sports for Student Athletes


Thank you for your donations!

We humbly thank you for all donations that were received during the year of 2022. In 2023 we hope to top the charts in which we will be able to set up more community events and giving back opportunities.

If you would like to donate today simply send us an etransfer, email us to mail/pick up a cheque or hit the donate button below.

E Transfer Email: PINDAB.ENT@GMAIL.COM                     

 Please write in the message field if there is a specific cause you would like to donate to. Receipts can be given upon request. Cash & Cheques are is also accepted. Cheques made out to PINDAB LTD.

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